Escorts in London, England

The profession of escorting has gotten so widespread that pretty much everyone knows that it exists. With the numerous stories that surface online, escort YouTubers like Sierra Pine, and the stunning women that appear out of seemingly nowhere on the arms of numerous wealthy males, there’s no hiding or denying the existence and patronage of escort services.

However, possibly as a result of media portrayal or mainstream focus, many people are unaware of the fact that escorting exists in strong fashion anywhere outside of the United States. The funny thing is escorting services are available in some of the most unexpected countries and in some of the most remote locations. The focus of this article will be England, and more specifically London. With the help of Babes of London escort agency we have managed to put together this article that we think you will find very useful!

Finding an escort in London is arguably an even easier task than doing so in the United States. Not only are there sites with worldwide listings that include London based escorts, but there are also dedicated sites that only allow a gateway to escort services in London. Like other countries, the practice of escorting is legal in London as the core service offered by the escorts is time and not sex. The lines are less blurred and confusing in London though as England is one of the countries in the world that has a legal, regulated prostitution industry and so, if an escort wanted to simply sell sex (though they do not), it would be no problem. It is important to note, however, that there are certain practices related to the offer of sex for hire that are considered illegal. These include public space soliciting, kerb crawling, and brothel ownership, among others. Despite this, there are brothels that do operate in London under the guise of massage parlors.

Now that you’re aware that escorting is prevalent in London, and that it is a perfectly normal and legal practice, here are three of the best sites to use if you’re looking to make use of escort services in London.

  1. – This site provides escort listings for not only various countries around the world, but also the cities inside them. By using the link provided, the results are filtered to display results that are specific to London. At the time of writing, there are 718 escorts registered on the site that operate in the city. You can tailor your desire to men, women, and transsexuals and you even have the option of entering the preferred size, nationality, etc., of the escorts you use.
  • – This is a London based site that provides various options for female escorts. The library of escorts available is vast and you can browse through many girls of varying measurements and charges. There’s also a voting system that allows persons to review the escorts, which can be beneficial to your selection process.
  •– Babe of London is an escort agency that provides escorts as needed. The site provides a guide, a gallery, and even WhatsApp and telephone information that can be used for the purposes of general inquiries and bookings.