How Much Are Normal Escorting Rates?

One of the biggest concerns that people have when they consider using escort services is how much money is needed to do so. It is well known that unlike prostitution services that are relatively cheap, escort services are very different. As a matter of fact, to many persons escorting is the overpriced alternative to basic prostitution.

While we won’t discuss this here, prostitution is not escorting as escorts sell time. The point of mentioning this is to highlight the fact that the prices that we are about to discuss usually have a slice of time attached to them. Below is a brief outline of what to expect in the wake of prices for escort services.

You should know that there is no such thing as a “normal” rate for escorting services. While you can look at certain criteria and attempt to establish an average, the moment you adjust any parameters the prices become wildly inconsistent. Here are the factors that contribute to the prices you can expect.

The Career Stage of the Escort

This is a very instrumental factor in the prices that you can expect from an escort. This is one of the fundamental reasons why two escorts can charge the same amount of money for the same kind of service. Think of it like any other career path. As you work and gain experiences, it causes your abilities to develop. This results in a situation in which you increase in value by virtue of time and practice. So, a college student may charge $300 for an hour, while a seasoned vet may charge $1200 an hour for the same experience.

What You Require

This is another very important consideration as there is no blanket price that covers the plethora of services a single escort can offer. Usually, there is an hourly charge that covers certain services but an additional payment that is required for others. As an example, an escort can have a standard rate of $400 an hour that covers activities including dating regular penetrative sex, fellatio with a condom, etc. As an additional service the escort may offer the girlfriend experience where she pretends to be your girlfriend. As this requires additional mental preparation and the need to interact with and lie to people, this may come at an additional $200 hourly, which brings your total to $600 an hour. Therefore, this is heavily dependent on your preferences.

The Location

This is another huge source of variation. You would be surprised at the insane gaps between prices simply because of where you need the service to be provided. New York is a well-known location and because of this a service that may run you $250 in a more remote location could run you $500 there. To take it a step further, the same service can attract a cost of $1,200 in a place like Las Vegas, simply because of the kind of reputation the city has.

In closing, there is no true average cost of escort services. It heavily depends on the factors listed above and the best thing to do is shop around.